• I should say that I’ll still probably still forward longer blog posts here as well. Particularly if it’s of interest to the larger community. Just my silly day to day stuff will be more focused including small posts, following timelines, and interacting with others.

  • I’m thinking about changing up my social interaction strategy again. I find myself trying to keep up across 5 networks now and feeling like I’m not really keeping up. It’s easy to cross post to lots of places but difficult to try and engage with people across many different networks. So for the moment I’m going to try and limit my daily interactions to only a couple of networks. This is by no means goodbye and I’ll still respond to folks on the other networks if mentioned but for now I’ll be more focused. For those who do wish to keep up with me you can find me more active at pnut.io@thrrgilag and thrrgilag@shrekislove.us on diaspora*. And as always I’m directly reachable through XMPP and Matrix links are in my profile and on my homepage.

  • Current status:


  • Okay I think I’ve got my micro.blog bot working. Just have a few kinks to iron out and then I’ll publish to code for others to access, try, mock, or whatever. ;)

  • Ordered a replacement drive for my Wii. I’m determined to keep this sucker running for a little while longer.

  • Err !!!


  • current status: bot hacking

  • Hmm… In the mood to hack together a little something for micro.blog. Let’s see what I can cook up this evening.

  • That moment you press enter and you realize your in the wrong directory and import way more than you intended into a CVS repository.

  • I started thinking about writing a blog post about using various chat networks like Slack vs Discord vs IRC and so on. My TLDR answer of course would likely be “Use them all and bridge!” Maybe if I can gather my thoughts in a semi-intelligent fashion. Or maybe that’s a debate I don’t want to drag myself into. 🤔

  • I’d love to spend the day working on some of my personal projects but alas this whole pesky day job thing takes priority. :p

  • Getting a daily reminder notification to change an expiring password very much feels like a game of cyber chicken.

  • I’m spending way too much time this morning tinkering with my social posting tools. I should put away my toys now and get back to work. I have a lot to get done today.

  • I was thinking I haven’t really used micro.blog much yet other than just dumping a bunch of cross posts. I really should try to interact a bit more, follow more folks, and really give it a good run. 

  • Birthday brew is the best brew. 🍻


  • Any recommendations for a good Android weather app?

  • Twice now I’ve gone through the process of setting up an Android device in the last week. Both times when it gets to the finger print setup I’ve hit the skip button and it continues on without any further security setup. Wouldn’t it make sense to ask about a password or pin after that rather than assume the user doesn’t want security?

  • I need more coffee.


  • So many things to do. So few hours in the day.

  • I seem to have accumulated chat apps again (this time with screenshot).


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